Jordan Faye Contemporary is thrilled to present our eighth professional development program and exhibition Summer 2016 Thrive in our 3300sq ft multi-use exhibition space. Both the Program & the Thrive Exhibition are an OPEN CALL to ALL ARTISTS who have developed a cohesive body of work in ALL MEDIUMS (i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, fiber, performance, conceptual, etc.) so long as the artist is determined to learn & the work fits within the allotted space in the gallery. It’s an opportunity for artists to present their work in a professional gallery with exposure to the fundamentals of selling, marketing, and curating one’s work. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.

the details

The Summer 2016 Thrive Program & Exhibition at Jordan Faye Contemporary's new headquarters begins the day you register & culminates the week of your show, on August 4 - 14, 2016. This is one of several programs that are offered through Thrive with Jordan Faye. 

During this THRIVE Program artists have the opportunity to meet with Ms. Block and/or Ms. Frazer for a private one-on-one hour of consulting regarding their work. Ms. Block wants to see your work (not just digital images but real work) and during that time, she’s there to answer any questions you have, or give critical feedback if that’s what you’re looking for. This meeting is set prior to the Summer Thrive Exhibition. It is the artist’s responsibility to schedule this consultation, potential dates will be provided. If you’d like opinions on curating, framing or pricing, we’re here & ready to discuss these with you.

We hope you think of the Thrive Program as an investment in yourself as an artist. The program and exhibition have an enrollment fee of $275, non-refundable. This program is a learning experience, from meeting new people and exchanging ideas to interactions with new clients and potential sales. All things are possible so we recommend having an open mind, being as prepared as possible, and participating fully in both your meeting with Jordan and the exhibition experience. We are excited and look forward to getting to know you and your work. 

thrive program & exhibition includes

     One hour-long personal consultation and portfolio review with Jordan Faye Block and/or Willa Frazer prior to the exhibition experience.

      Allocated gallery wall or floor space during Thrive Exhibition

      30 - Exhibition postcards

      PDF formatted Exhibition Announcement

A La Carte Extras To Expand Your Experience

      1–1.5 hours of correspondence for Q&A with Jordan (by phone or email) - $75 per hour of consulting on any art/business topic 

There are NO LIMITATIONS on price, quantity, medium or size of the work as long as the work fits within the artist's allocated space. The gallery requires that artists bring their own price lists along with any other promotional material but we’re here to teach you about what goes into creating these collaterals. And we will provide templates for both labels & pricelists if requested so that you may then fill in and print these out. Pricelists and other materials (if desired) must be ready on drop-off day. The gallery will print and hang labels.

the schedule

Today – July 24||  1-hour Consulting appointments will be held

Exhibition Week Itinerary

Saturday July 30 & Sunday July 31  ||  Drop Off Artwork   |  1–4pm

Wednesday August 3||  Exhibition Curating & Installation*  |  4–8pm

Thursday August 4||  Installation (may continue, if needed)  |  10am–12pm

Friday August 5||  Exhibition Open!!  Gallery Hours | 12-5pm

                                      ||  Opening Reception|  7–10pm (artists present) 

Friday August 5 - Friday August 12||  Exhibition Open during posted Gallery Hours

Thursday August 11||  Gallery Hours   |  12–6pm

                                            ||  Meet-the-Artists Happy Hour 5-8pm (artists present)

Saturday August 13||  Gallery Hours12-5pm (artists present)

Sunday August 14||  Potluck Brunch|  10:30am (artists present)

                                         ||  Gallery Hours|  1-4pm (artists present)

Sunday August 14||  Artwork Deinstallation/Pick-up|  4pm

Artists are expected to drop off their work the week of the exhibition during one of the two time periods listed above. Work arriving late will not be hung.

*Artists are encouraged to attend and participate in the exhibition curating & installation process, however your attendance is not mandatory. 

The Gallery will contact you when your collateral arrives. We will distribute several hundred postcards in addition to sending out an email invitation to our contact list inviting clients to this wonderful weekend exhibition!

Artists are encouraged to use all media sources including:  twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, blogs, bat signals, etc. to announce your exhibition!!! Your efforts and these platforms will increase the opportunities for patrons to learn about the event, and to attend and support you.

Important Participation Note ::  Thrive Artists MUST BE PRESENT at the gallery for the Friday Night Opening (8/5), as well as on Thursday for the Happy Hour (8/11) and Saturday and Sunday (8/13 & 8/14) during the second weekend of the exhibition. Each artist is allowed up to an hour break, away from the gallery, during the weekend days. Artists are welcome to visit, and bring guests any day of the exhibition during gallery hours, however we are not available for consulting unless you schedule an appointment.

Additional Services may be added which include workshops & further 1-1 appointments, and monthly consulting with Jordan Faye Block or Willa Frazer. 


Each participant will be allocated a measured amount of space by the gallery. The minimum space allotted is 10 linear feet, which may be on a single wall or distributed over multiple areas of the exhibition space.

We will teach you the appropriate hardware to use in each circumstance. All work must come to the gallery ready to hang; this means paintings or framed work is wired, if you are unsure of how this is done, we can discuss this beforehand. If shelving, pedestals, or other types of displays are needed, this must be discussed with the gallery prior to drop off and installation.

It is the artists responsibility to print and bring your pricelists, bios, and other marketing materials on installation day, however the gallery can provide advice and templates for these materials. Exhibition labels will be printed and provided by the gallery, please email us titles and prices prior to the weekend drop-off. 


The Artist and Jordan Faye Contemporary each receive 50% of all sales. The gallery only accepts CASH or CREDIT CARDS. Checks will be accepted from known collectors. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES ALLOWED.

The gallery will be responsible for collecting money from all sales at the front desk and will issue receipts to the buyer and seller. Credit card processing may take up to 3 weeks to be processed and the artists commission check cut.


There are 3 ways to register for our Spring 2016 Thrive Program & Exhibition.

  1. Online | scroll down to fill out the form below. 

  2. Snail Mail | Print out & send the form below into us the old fashioned way, and make your check payable to: Jordan Faye Contemporary. Mail to: JFC & Thrive | 218 W Saratoga St Top Floor Baltimore, MD 21201 (please do not send cash through the mail)

  3. In person at the gallery | Print & fill out this form, then stop by during gallery hours: Wednesday - Friday 12 – 6pm & Saturday 12 – 5pm & Sunday 1 - 4pm (checks & cash payments accepted)

We do want to remind you that enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited and sessions will be closed when at capacity.

Congratulations you're dedicated to thriving as a professional artist! This is the beginning of registration! We applaud you for taking the initiative to further your artistic career and we look forward to assisting you along the way! Your experience begins after signing our Thrive Artist Agreement for Summer 2016.