Opening Reception  |  Saturday April 9, 6-9pm

Meet the Artists & Curators  |  Sunday May 1, 2-4pm

on view April 9 - May 14, 2016



Megan hildebrandt, sara holwerda, lauren Alyssa Howard, Magnolia Laurie, Cynthia mason, ellen mueller, megan piontkowski, christine Sajecki



About Paperwork

Jordan Faye Contemporary is pleased to present the works of 8 women artists from all over the United States who work in dialogue with each other as members of eyesplice collective

Paperwork is a drawing show that focuses on the quiet acts of perseverance - the mundane or routine yet intentional gestures that mark and measure time, fill our days and accumulate to a tenacious pursuit. Paperwork can feel futile, absurd, and un-sensational but it can also be a source of unexpected power.

In this exhibition Megan Hildebrandt, Sara Holwerda, Lauren Alyssa Howard, Magnolia Laurie, Cynthia Mason, Ellen Mueller, Megan Piontkowski, and Christine Sajecki take on different aspects of the term "paperwork" and its literal and societal meaning. 

Mueller and Piontkowski create divergent narratives of paperwork in somewhat absurd and mythical settings. Hildebrandt's accumulated cut marks puncture the paper surface and habitually break down its structure, while Holwerda's cut outs offer a wry take on the imagery and social constructs that contribute to feminine identity. Mason and Howard both accumulate and collage paper into sculptural wall drawings- one mines memory and personal experience while the other personally repurposes a steady flow of impersonal junk mail. Sajecki's and Laurie's works explore different takes on un-sensational repeated gestures- from the daily unaccounted labor of motherhood, to a constant search for orientation and balance.