Liz Liguori  |  Jessie Mann

electromagnetograms from "the whip"

About the Electromagnetograms

Digital photography has taken over the representationalist work that photography once took over from painting. Just as painting, once freed from its responsibility to accurately reflect the world, expanded into impressionism and abstraction, so too have traditional photographic processes expanded their repertoire of image making styles once no longer responsible for naturalism or historical account. Instead of reflecting the world, photography is now free to explore the lines, te-xture, and color of the medium isolated from content; much as the abstract painters did with painting. Artists like Hiroshi Sugimoto, Gerhard Richter, Dirk Braeckman, Marco Breuer, Chris Mccaw, Sally Mann, Alan Jarai are reinventing photography as a method of abstraction.

Clement Greenburg outlines the hallmarks of abstract expressionism as "large and conspicuous rhythms, broken color, uneven saturations, exhibited finger marks, masses that blot and fuse", Mann and Liguori's work is an attempt to recreate these elements but with photographic processes rather than paint. It is a rediscovery of the elements of photography as they can be employed toward an abstract expressionist end. The electromagnetogram is an effort at isolating light, surface, saturation, and rhythm through the photographic process.

There are both large-scale and small-scale photographic works by Mann and Liguori featured in The WHIP. These 'electromagnetograms', a term coined by the two artists, are created using the chemicals and methods typically involved in photography. These chemicals used in new and unusual ways, along with Liguori's laser light system and Mann's painting skills; result in images that are lens-less photographs. Unlike photographs, there is no original image imprinted on the photo paper. 

Biography  |  Liz Liguori

Liz Liguori is a photographer and lighting artist originally from New York. She worked as a photographer at Next magazine producing over a dozen cover images, and has shown her work in New York and Virginia. As a lighting artist she has had residencies at various New York nightlife staples such as Limelight and Webster Hall. She has been a guest artist with the Joshua Light Show as well. Liguori designed a unique lighting interface using lasers and prisms, and her lighting systems were used to create the collaborative works shown here. 

biography  |  Jessie mann

Jessie Mann is a painter and conceptual artist. Jessie literally grew up around and in art, the daughter and frequent subject of artist Sally Mann. She is a native of Lexington, Virginia (home to many acclaimed writers and artists such as painter Cy Twombly, an early mentor of J. Mann’s). Her conceptual works, created in collaboration with photographer Len Prince, can be found in the permanent collections of the Getty, the St. Petersburg Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. This collaborative work is an examination of the role of the subject in art from the perspective of the subject. As a painter, Mann has shown extensively throughout the eastern seaboard, from Birmingham to Woodstock. Her abstract paintings address the cognitive processes of image formation and the imaginative prodding of abstraction.