Lawrence cromwell

Lawrence Cromwell, Vote Viagra, 2015, oil and wax on board, 26 x 36 inches


Statement - tangled

My work is most often process driven and drawing is the principle form through which I explore visual ideas. The title for this show, "Tangled", refers to the visual net or resulting nest of linear structures that is most often the by-product of this exploration. I am interested in the transformative nature of drawing and the connection between thinking and making a representation of that activity. As I work these thoughts cohere into forms both recognizable and not as my mind moves from the thinking of a thing to the making of a visual sign for that thought.

Ultimately it is a kind of visual playing, mostly whimsical, sometimes dark and moody other times off the cuff or playful. The resolution of any piece is driven by the tension that is created between the activity of making a representation of these pathways and the sensation of balancing or orchestrating the imagery I create.

I sit down, I start to draw, if I don't have a thought or an idea I begin to make circles or to draw milk cartons or to spell out words that come to mind. As I do this new images or ideas will enter my mind and I draw these. As I am drawing my mind continues making links between the image I am working on and some new or next thought and I try in turn to follow this new link with another image or group of marks. 

Some days are good and images seem to flow without hesitation while at other times I am simply stuck making marks representing the absence of a coherent thought that is indistinguishable from the act of making marks.

When discussing my work I often refer to its "evolution" outlining its origin as an interest in themes of accumulation and repetition. This was expressed originally as a cataloguing of simple mutations of form that would describe shapes and paths on the surface of a painting. The invention of these mutations was often precipitated by drawings; the role of drawing increasingly became more and more important as it outlined the flow or the space between one idea and another. 


Lawrence Cromwell received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tennessee, and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Cromwell’s work has been in numerous exhibitions across the country from Connecticut to New Mexico. In the mid-Atlantic region he has had a two-person exhibition at Hill Center in Washington D.C. (2015), a solo exhibition at Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD (2014), a solo exhibition at The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE (2010), and a two-person exhibition at The Chazan Gallery, Providence, RI (2008). 

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