Kate MacKinnon  

Looking closely at things I haven't seen

September 12 - October 10, 2015   (east gallery)

Artist Statement

For several years, I have been observing the waning activity of Solar Cycle 24. Studying online satellite images of solar flares and coronal mass ejections, and reading about any resulting geomagnetic storms that could bring the appearance of the auroras.

Initially, I was fascinated by the raw power and beauty of the images of the sun. Connecting these images of cataclysmic upheaval with the calm cool beauty of the auroras became a focus of this work.

In both instances the observations have been mediated, the solar images by NASA satellite feed, and the aurora imagery through online photographic archives. Seeing the auroras in reality remains high on my personal bucket list.

As with most work, it eventually becomes autobiographical. I start to equate the external phenomena with the internal rhythm of my own experience. Maximum value in a cycle is the extreme periphery of transition and change. A cataclysmic moment just before normalcy returns.

The studies on canvas and the works on paper in Looking Closely At Things I Haven’t Seen are all explorations of a larger color story underway in my studio. Maximum Value will describe a color transition in a series of 100 one-foot square paintings. This project will be complete and on view in 2016 with the final large-scale seasons paintings.

– Kate MacKinnon

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