Jenee Mateer - The Sky is Lemon Lime

January 24 - March 7, 2015 (west and front galleries)


Press Release ::

Jordan Faye Contemporary is pleased to present Baltimore-based artist, Jenee Mateer's fourth solo exhibition The Sky is Lemonlime. This exhibition contains 14 large-scale works from The Sky is Lemonlime series. This exhibition will hang in the Front Room and West Gallery and is on view from January 24 - March 7, 2015. Jenee will be present for the Artist's Reception on Saturday January 31, 2011, 7 - 10p. Jordan Faye Contemporary is located on the top floor of the Maryland Art Place Building at 218 West Saratoga Street in the heart of the Bromo Arts District in Baltimore, MD.

As humans we are bound to some extent by earth, water and sky.  We can't escape the horizon even while it continues to shift.  The details change but our limits remain.  The only real freedom we have is the one created in our minds.  One might argue that all is illusion even while what we hear, taste, touch, smell and see is 'real'.  In the gap between illusion and reality, between recognition and surprise, sensation is created eliciting a visceral response...and then we try to name it.

This body of work is a continuation of the Break Boundary series where I started to push the boundary between photography and painting, between the natural and the unnatural.  These are a series of manipulated landscapes, mostly trees bordering lakes in New York and Michigan and a salt pond in Delaware.  The tops of the trees reminded me of washes of watercolor on paper. So I started experimenting with using the computer to create a palette of color that is both part of the 'natural' image and not, using layers and blending to push the latent color of the images to the extreme.

Ten years ago I showed my photo collages to a group of students and one of them became angry and said, "That's not photography".  I was surprised because it had never occurred to me that they weren't photographs.  I have come to the conclusion that perhaps all of my work is to some degree about pushing boundaries.  But this series is not only - about pushing the boundaries of language and discipline - it is also about altering the landscape, re-mapping the terrain and choosing a new path. It's about the subtle shift we experience both psychologically and emotionally in relation to our environment as our perception of where we are and who we are changes over time. 

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