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Artists' Roundtable | these are them

Join us Sunday February 5, 2-4pm, for a discussion with the eight emerging Baltimore artists that make up these are them

Artists  |  Rachel Hayden, Marisa LaGuardia, Natovian McLeod, Ian Murphy, Alexander Reynolds, Julia Ribeiro, Kevin Runyon, and Ester Yi

Partial Curator's Statement  |

These are painters

They are all hunting for that magic lever which releases painting from language

They are connected through their engagement with painting and Baltimore

They are all doing this work in addition to the work of surviving

The painters in this show are working along the faultlines within the discipline

Each is possessed of a unique mode of engagement with the materials and their history

All are working in the realm of painting and exploiting various strategies to make something that they wanted or needed to see

Uncertainness serves to further unite these works


Read and see more on the exhibition page.