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ladyprodukt  |   thursday January 19 

DOORS OPEN 8:30pm  |  CONCERT 9pm

curated by Samantha Buker & James Young

Just in time for the inaugurabberation: Fresh from the West Coast..

LADYPRODUKT is an experimental IDM drag queen who uses webcams, iPhones, and Wii remotes to conjure alien sound-worlds that disturb, perplex, and tantalize her audiences. 

She upends the relationship between music and dance: her movement creates the music via the built-in accelerometers on those familiar devices. 

She is the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist, composer, and programmer Niccolo Seligmann, who is active not only in the power electronics scene but also in traditional and Early music communities.

Drinks and Dessert are provided freely for your enjoyment.
TICKETS $20 - $15 (students)