(west gallery, Fall 2016)

Often the hardest part of getting a new business off the ground is sourcing all the components needed to create something able to compete with current producers. Inevitably, using what you can find becomes the most practical way to make it happen. Incubator is a series of work in which Attenborough-Naftel look into the aesthetics of ad-hoc construction of both the spaces that facilitate small start-ups and the goods that are commonly produced there.

Attenborough Naftel’s DIY aesthetic supports and celebrates a desire to gather and play. Their work appropriates visual cues from common social events/experiences; encouraging the audience to transcend it's role as viewer to become an active participant.




Attenborough Naftel (A/N) is an ongoing collaboration between Chris Attenborough (Baltimore) and Sean Naftel (New York). Having met in graduate school at the Burren College of Art in rural Ireland, Attenborough-Naftel began making situation-based installations in 2008. A/N has shown work at De Buck Gallery (New York), Monster Truck Gallery (Dublin), SEVEN Art Fair (Miami), Emerge Art Fair (Washington DC), Contemporary Museum (Baltimore) and VOLTA Art Fair (New York). They were the featured artists from Queens for the television show ArtTrek NYC (2011). In 2012 they began collaborating with Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore. The collaboration developed into a limit edition beer, Pregame Session Ale, for their artwork Tailgate Man Cave. Their installation Yard Sale (2014) at De Buck Gallery was featured in the New York Times and on New York Public Radio (WNYC).